The Amphenol Industrial RADLOK ™ high-power connectors use Amphenol's latest RADSOK® R4 technology. Power interconnect products often require additional mounting hardware (washers, clamps, bolts and nuts), which makes them prone to costly labor for routine installation and maintenance. The AMLOOL RADLOK ™ PIN, on the other hand, has the function of blocking the operations with a single finger, allowing end users to connect any system of distribution / storage of energy quickly and safely.


Amphenol RADLOK ™ devices are ideal for applications requiring a reliable, quick to install and cost-effective solution.


Features & Benefits:

• Voltage Rating: 1000V

• Current Rating: 70A - 400A

• Tool-Free Mechanical Locking

• High cycle durability (500 mating cycles)

• RoHS Compliant

• Available in Black, Red, Orange (custom colors available upon request)




Amphenol industrial RADSOK® connectors

Amphenol can update many core connectors simply by adding the RADSOK advantage!

Amphenol RADSOK (RADIAL SOcKet) is:

The gripper cylinder inside the female contact has different equidistant longitudinal spokes twisted in a hyperbolic shape.

When a male pin is inserted, the axial elements in the female half flex, imparting a high current flow through the connection with a minimum voltage loss.

The hyperbolic and molded grid configuration guarantees a broad coaxial face-to-face engagement.

Ideal for crimp termination applications requiring repeated coupling cycles and high current with a low millivolt fall.

What does the AmphenolRADSOK advantage offer?

High Amplitude

High reliability

High cycle duration

Drop low millivolt

Low insertion force

Low T-Rise

The wide variety of AmphenolRADSOK applications includes:

Replacement of ring terminals (lugs) on threaded studs

High current PCB

Communication towers

Backplane power

Uninterrupted power supplies

Fuel cell connectors

Hybrid electric vehicles

AC inductive drive motors

Energy distribution modules

Bar terminations (hardware / plug-in modules)

"Engraving" switches

Battery terminals

Contacts with RADSOK technology offer 50% more ampacity.

RADSOK contacts can be designed to fit any housing

Development of military applications of RADSOK technology

Combinations of RADSOK and high-speed copper contacts in the same interconnection package