Amphenol is the world's largest manufacturer of interconnect solutions for military, aerospace and industrial applications, with production plants in the United States, France, United Kingdom, India, Canada and Mexico TE connectivity is a prestigious brand for a complete series of rectangular connectors, heavy-duty and high quality sensor connectors, all certified CE, UL, ROHS, TUV, SGS, CCC. All productsare in stock for excellent service at very competitive prices
Alpha Wire is a US company leader in the production of UL-CSA certified industrial cables for installation on machines, for signals, power, control and data transmission. It has a vast warehouse and provides rells of 305 meters with very fast delivery times Nextron is a company with over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of push-pull connectors for electrical equipments, fully compatible with products of other brands. It also produces advanced technology connectors for computers and high- speed BUS
Hew Kabel is the leading German manufacturer of cables and conductors for high temperatures in PTFE, ETFE, FEP and also according to MIL standards, as well as high flexibility cables in sterilizable silicone for medical market. It produces coaxial Teflon cables MIL standard, and coaxial preconformable cables Amphenol company consolidates its leadership in the industrial market with the Industrial-Amphenol brand that counts on over than 50 production units of the group and provides the distribution technical and logistical support to find the best solution to the requirements of connection
It's a company of Amphenol group dedicated to the production of multipolar connectors for fiber optics in military applications, industrial and broadcasting. It also manufactures any type of wiring F.O. with customer specifications also with QPL and SMPTE standards Monrow is a company specialized in the production of cables for installation in factory automation lines and for the machines of industrial automation and robotics, suitable for control, power, signal, encoders and resolvers. All UL-CSA certified
and CE-VDE certified
Military Interconnection Systems is a Canadian leading manufacturer of coaxial connectors, from micro miniature series high power - and cable assemblies for radio frequency and microwave applications  Alden is the Amphenol brand for electro-medical market. The strictest standards required by the industry make Alden a leading manufacturer of connectors and cables with applications in devices such as lasers, defibrillators, TAC, electrocautery, etc.
Times Microwave Systems is an Amphenol company specialized in the design and manufacturing of high performance flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cables, connectors and cable assemblies for RF transmission from HF through microwave frequencies.
Amphenol RF is the world's largest manufacturer of coaxial connectors for radio frequency applications, microwave and data transmission systems, both civilian and military, thanks to manufacturingfacilities the United States, Canada, Mexico and China
Weipu Connectors is a Chinese leading manufacturer of plastic and metal circular watertight connectors. Competitive prices and good level of quality make Weipu an excellent choice for those who want a good value for money LS Cable is the largest Asian manufacturer of corrugated cables for antennas for mobile and radiating cables for installation in tunnels. Product quality has been approved by the major telephone and broadcasting operators. The production also includes a complete range of connectors and accessories
RIA Connect is a Metz Group German company leading manufacturer of terminal blocks UL- CSA certified with the new technology tool- free SPRINGCON with locking lever. It also produces IDC terminals and contacts for printed circuits Amphenol Audio is a globally recognized leading brand in the production of a wide range of connectors and cable assemblies for commercial and professional audio market un’alternativa di alto livello
 SpectraStrip is an Amphenol group manufacturer of flat cables for electronics and automation up to 200 °C, gray and coloured straps, in twisted, screened and Round and Flat versions. It also provides optical fibers for lighting solutions with relative accessories Maojwej is a brand of Chinese group Ningbo specializing in the production of industrial connectors for motors and drives. The production can count on high quality product series with CE, UL, ROHS, TUV, SGS, CCC
 Zipper-Technik is a German company specializes in professional solutions for thermal protection, mechanical and electromagnetic cable protection through tubes that can be opened and closed by innovative locking systemsi DMC Daniels is a leading US manufacturer of manual and pneumatic equipment for wiring. The production is under strict military standards and indicated for the use in many areas such as avionics, military, railway and industrial