Since 1979 we have been providing interconnection products of leading brands for applications in

various markets: industrial automation, defense, telecommunications, transportation, industrial

electronics, broadcasting, medical applications, and many others.


With our thirty-years experience in the field, we provide the customers with the best products on

the market and a qualified and experienced team who interfaces with the technical departments in

choosing the most appropriate solutions, reducing project and provision costs.


Over the years we have been steadily growing counting on a stock availability of more than 5000

different kinds of items which are shipped throughout Italy in a few hours.


We do have an extensive network of salesmen and representative agents covering the whole

country and offering the best pre- and post- sales service.


We are committed to achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers by focusing on the

efficiency of our service and the key processes that make up our quality management system.


Competence, service and an excellent value for money are our winning.